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Defining Your Style

Every year styles and trends change. Now you guys know me, I’m mot a “trend” person I am more of a classics kind of girl. Which is why this year I am so excited about what has become hot. All of the popular design choices today center around a warm and classic environment. Classic pieces stand the test of time and do not really go out of style. They are what we refer to as “Timeless”. They Are adaptable pieces that will always work. To determine how to find your style, we are going to examine three well-known designers, my absolute favorites and their styles to see which one you resonate with. When you see something that sparks an emotion or inspires you in someway, that is what you are drawn to. Don’t be afraid of it. Often times clients tell me they’re afraid to go with what they really like because they don’t want to be off trend. To that I say, don’t worry about being off trend worry about the fact that it is your home and you have a right to live in it the way that you choose to surrounded by what you love, so if you want that nine arm, gilded chandelier, dripping, and crystals in your dining room you go for it!!  


If we take a look at Ralph Lauren as a Brand, his entire style from clothing to home, evokes a certain lifestyle. His styling is very equestrian English Manor home, mixed in with some modern preppy styles. You would expect to find his furniture in a loft apartment, Hampton beach house or an English manor house. His clothing is very preppy, classic and timeless. Generally, I have found, that my clients tend to like the style of decorating that matches a style that they dress in. People who like organic fabrics, tend to go for more of an organic look in their home with neutral tones and warm to light natural woods. Professionals that I have worked with have tended to lean more towards a classic or modern style. And it goes on from there.. 

Here we have an examples of Ralph Lauren home. I classify it as traditional, a collected style. As you will see there are several different examples of Ralph’s style below. I liken my own style very much to Ralph Lauren with a side of Jean Stoffer:)


As you can see, Ralph is not afraid of mixing patterns and textures. He is the king of mixing wood and leather and soft fabrics. Everything looks like it has been collected throughout the years and has a very historic look. On the flip-side when he does his more modern styled homes as below, we still find that it is more of a classic, modern elegance that he portrays.


Jean Stoffer… Ok she’s my spirit animal… I love her approach to design. It is so purposeful and she really captures a space for what it is. She can see how the space will come together before even one item is purchased for it. She is a master! As you can see she has a modern classic style. Her look is perfectly curated and she is not a lady who over does anything. Her spaces have an effortless flow that just screams class. 

I’ll say it again…..the look is effortless, It features classic elements of good design. She perfectly edits the rooms to create a warm inviting look without overdoing it. This is a look that can carry you thru many years. It’s neutral in color choices which will always work.



Kelly Wearstler…..Another design Goddess. Her look is ever changing and is strongly tied to her amazing flare for being true to the space and client she is working with. She is not afraid of color or using her creative flare to make a unique, one of a kind space. She literally creates extraordinary living environments.





Again, Kelly is not afraid of color or pattern. She has classic taste and an unbelievable style. 


All of these designers have Upmarket styles. They create what I call Grown Ass adult style. Not to come down too hard on chippy white stuff but I’m over it, having done it myself it’s just very vanilla to me. I feel like it says that your style is exactly the same as 1,000,000 or more other people and you have number 15,678 of the same sign as your neighbor. I Feel that style lacks substance and these styles have nothing but. Again this is just my opinion. I do love a white interior but I love it as the backdrop for antiques and art. Warm antique rugs mixed in with antique brass lamps and chinoiserie pottery. That’s my idea of a white interior. 

To find your personal style go thru the internet and look at different images of homes and maybe even some designers. Make a list of colors you like and things that make you happy. You can mix pieces from different styles and it will be ok. Your home should have your personal style and reflect you and those within it. It should be warm and feel like a cozy blanket as soon s you walk in the door.

Always trust your gut. If you see something and think oh my god I LOVE that!! Then buy it if you’re able. I don’t care if it’s a crystal chandelier! If anything it will help you set goals for what you do want in your home. Color or wallpaper is the easiest place to start. Then move onto rugs lighting and furniture. Classic antique pieces of wood furniture both help recycle but also will stand the test of time and will not put off harmful fumes from the chemicals used to create them as modern furniture does. 

Final thoughts:

Just be you
Start a design idea journal 
Make a list of what you like and don’t like
Buy what you love
Don’t let anyone tell you what to buy or what you like 
Visit designer showcase homes or historic properties to get inspired
Use Pinterest and create inspiring boards of styles you like
look at all times in history from Primitive to Victorian and Art Deco to Mid-Centruy. See what resonates with you.
start small if your scared. make easy change changes like paint…
Throw out anything that says Gather on it… ( Just kidding.. or am I?) 

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