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To Hire a Decorator or Not To Hire One

It is a common question that we get asked frequently as to whether or not it is a good idea to hire an interior decorator. Well, first we have to define what a decorator is from what a designer is. An Interior designer is someone who literally designs the space. From top to bottom, working with architects and contractors, Furntiure crafters and everyone in between. They can completely conceptualize and execute the space.

An interior decorator does some of the above, but also the finishing touches. The color choices, adding or omitting of pieces and the placement of them. They get in touch with the inner you to figure out exactly what type of space you would like to create. They work with textile craft people to create and install custom draperies pillows. They work with yourself and painters on color choices to figure out which color would be best suited in your space given its light and location in your home. The purpose of the space would matter as well.

They are the ones out shopping and sourcing one-of-a-kind and unique pieces for your home. Interior decorators will also take on the mantle of stager for a home that might be going up for sale. Interior decorators, have laundry lists of contacts and can truly pull your home together.  of course an interior designer can be an interior decorator and interior designer can do everything that interior decorator can do so who to hire it’s really up to you.

Interior designers may charge slightly more than a decorator would. The interior decorator tends to charge somewhere between $80 and $100 an hour on average with fees being as high as $200 plus an hour.  Interior designers can be charged an hourly rate as well as other additional charges. Decorators are generally paid by the client to select and stage pieces for your home.

Hiring interior decorator is not scary and should not be seen as such. If you sit down and figure out what your overall budget would be to hire an interior decorator, be sure to include the cost of furniture and accessories. You can utilize the services of an interior decorator for as much or as little of the design as you want. If you simply want a decorator’s opinion or their help sourcing a specific item for your home, then the cost could be a lot less.

Keep in mind, interior decorators and designers both do charge hourly fees for shopping and time spent Sourcing. Generally speaking we tend to only source for one client at a time on a specific day that way the time spent for your project doesn’t cross with the time spent on another project. Interior decorators/designers. Keep very good records of time spent on a project to ensure that the client is billed correctly. Remember this is the time that you yourself would be spending trying to find unique pieces for your home. We all know how exhausting driving around all day in traffic, walking thru store after store Looking for that perfect piece can be. Interior decorators/designers. Take that problem out of the equation. By meeting with you and discussing your needs and desires, they can come up with a game plan that would allow them to know exactly where to go to look for the pieces that would be desirable to their clients.  

To sum up Interior decorators, or designers, are able to go through your room and edit the pieces that are maybe not needed or maybe not in use any longer or that need to be updated. They know what colors will work with what and they know how to create a classic and elegant space for you and your family. They will have an eye for design and how to put things together. They will be able to go into a store and pick out a piece or an entire room of furniture that will work perfectly in your home.  Interior decorators can really pull a space together and have your home become a place of warmth with stories to tell. 


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