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Interior Decor.. What it is and what it shouldn’t be

So this is literally just my opinion but I feel that interior decor should be representative of who you are as a person. I feel it should create an environment in which you thrive and one that grows with you. Your home should celebrate your uniqueness and your personal style. I don’t really follow trends and I don’t recommend that you do. 

I tell all of my clients to buy what you love and it will be timeless, Trends are simply designed to say here is this “style” here are these beautiful things then tell us we should buy those things or we are not “cool”… ok that’s an exaggeration but you get the point… 

I am a huge fan of classic decor. Beautiful timeless pieces that stay with you. Pieces that look as if they have been handed down thru the years. There is nothing like a good chesterfield sofa or classic leather chair, Oil paintings, old mirrors and classic lines of a Sheraton sideboard… Now THAT is speaking my Language :)  Of course if you live and breath a style, no matter trend or not then go for it. It’s all about YOUR personal style. 

When I see all these homes, house after house where everything is the same.. the same sign the same colors the same coffee table or dining table… that to me at least is mainstream. “ Must go buy 12 signs.. Must have house Rules sign”… etc.. Why would you want your home to look like everyone else’s? Don’t get me wrong I dug the farmhouse thing for a bit but I never could commit. I’m a French furniture, worn leather, English country home kinda girl… I have a 1890s Victorian and it has original wood work not painted, tin ceilings and as much carved and amazing detail that I can possible desire. Now is that a popular style they make a TV show out of? Probably not but its all me. When I come home I’m comfy, cozy and I love my surroundings.

That’s why I love my job cause it puts me on front of amazing antiques and I get to love them a short while before they go on to their new home.. I get to re-home, if you will, pieces that have maybe been with one person for 30, 50 or even 100 years or more.. I get to help my customers create a home with history, even if they are just starting their story.

So What should interior decor be? It should be all you.. If you love farmhouse, by all means go for it,, but don’t buy things that are just trends, buy items that will stand the test of time in design. That way your not changing  your whole home every 5 years. Nutshell? Don't buy stuff cause you think your supposed to, buy stuff cause you love it.. because its you.

Invest in good quality rugs and solid pieces. Your money will actually go a lot farther doing this. Quality Antiques, quality made furniture will last you forever. You’ll only be buying it once versus having to constantly replace items every time the trend shifts. Classic furniture pieces have lasted 100, 200 and 300 years for a reason. Because they are timeless.

On a side note When shopping vintage here’s a few things to remember…. 

1. you are generally shopping small businesses when you shop Antiques and Vintage, please keep in mind that the price on the tag encompasses the cost of the item, the dealers time to source the item, clean the item and the rent and the utilities for the space in which the item is kept until you purchase it. So please be kind when asking for discounts some places build a discount into their item others just simply can’t afford to offer a discount. Think about it would you like to negotiate your price per hour for Pay? Probably not 

 2. shopping vintage and antique pieces keeps your lifestyle sustainable. No more trees are cut down to make these pieces and no toxic chemicals are involved in the process, you will find no Formaldehyde in any antique furniture that is in its original condition. 

3. Remember that item that you see you today and want to go home tonight to think about is the same item that somebody saw last night and will be back today to purchase. These are words of truth…..

4. Good quality Antiques are generally costly or at least they can be. A nice Persian rug 8x10 can set you back a bit, but if properly cared for will last you a lifetime. Modern rugs have acrylic and polypropylene in them. Wool rugs are hand made, someone took months and months to make BY HAND.

5. You are saving history. With every generation there are less and less people who want to save these treasures. By giving A great old piece a home you are giving it purpose and new life.  


Save the World.. Buy Vintage

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